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Eric Charles Hawkinson

Born in Wisconsin and raised in Arizona. Now living in Fukuchiyama, Japan. Educator, public speaker, researcher and learning technologist.

I feel best about myself and my work when I am able to positively contribute to or impact my community and the world.  I created this site to showcase my projects and other works.  I welcome any input or possible collaboration on my work.  So please feel free to find me on the various social and professional outlets listed here.


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Met the head of Telepathy, Kenichi Suzuki and tried out a prototype of their up coming HMD. #AR @Arientation - It had an Android based AR a…

by Eric Hawkinson

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ARientation at KUFS
ARientation is taking Breakout EDU sessions and enhancing them with augmented reality. The first attempts proved what we already beloved, we found that Breakout sessions are perfect for AR. Find out more at
Exporting Qualtrics Data into SPSS
In this demo I take some data from a real survey study conducted using Qualtrics and export it to SPSS and briefly discuss how the data and variables were coded. Study - Creator:

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One with English: Level One : Fundamentals (Volume 1) (Japanese Edition)

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