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Eric Charles Hawkinson

Associate Professor of Learning Design and Technology at The University of Fukuchiyama, Japan
Director of Interactive at TEDxKyoto, Japan
President at Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Realities in Learning Research Group, Japan

Born in Wisconsin and raised in the deserts of Arizona. Having a professional background in IT Eric is taking everything ‘techie’ and turning it towards educating students. He now works and lives in northern Kyoto prefecture, Japan currently focusing on games based learning, electronic informal learning environments and eTourism.  Eric has been innovating ways to apply augmented reality to a variety of fields including tourism and education. Eric is also director of interactive at TEDxKyoto where he has designed a variety of digital and non-digital informal learning environments. Eric’s most recent projects involve the use of TED in education and the implementation of augmented reality in learning environments. Find out more about Eric and his projects at



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Eric Hawkinson

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Eric Hawkinson

Eric Hawkinson

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Eric Hawkinson

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