Immersive Tourism Workshop

To gain practical experience in international tourism contexts, this course aims to provide students with a set of tools and aid them in the creation, development, and implementation of projects related to immersive technology in the tourism industry. Students will gain the ability to leverage technology and other resources to create guided tours, curate and mange tourist information, and conduct activities in a multi-national or multi-cultural environment. Introducing tools like virtual reality and automated language translation, students will gain skills and tools to better equip them to navigate tourism industry related activities.

Course Objectives

Understand Immersive Technology

Learn about immersive technology how virtual and augmetned reality are changing the way we travel and design travel experiences in tourism contexts.

Learn the Tools to Create Immersive Experiences

Get experience working with the latest in software to create immersive media such as virutal tours and augmented reality gaming.

Create, Implement, and Analyze an Immersvie Experience

Everyone will create either a virtual tour or an augmented reality experience for your classmates to try.  We will do self and peer evaluations on immersive projects.

Immersive Tourism Workshop

Are you in VR?

Most of this website is optimized for WEB VR.

Course Projects

Here are some that have been done in the past in this course.

my Hometown Project

My Hometown Project

In this project you will design, create a 360 virutal tour. You will then guide others on that tour and analyze how the experience was for your tour's participants.

Forever Kyoto 360

360 Video Projects

Create 360 video to show off a tourist destimation.


Augmented Tourism and Gaming

Create a gamified tour experience using augmented reality.

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- Albert Einstein


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