Game Based Tourism

This course will also encourage thought into creative ways game theory and motivation can be applied into the tourism industry. Games are being implemented in all aspects of human interaction. We see it integrated into many business and marketing strategies. For example, airline companies challenge passengers to collect flyer miles for points credit card companies give gold and platinum levels to climb to. This is the ʻgamificationʼ of business. It is becoming ever more important to tourism as well. Historically, destinations have held games like stamp rallies, pub crawls, frequent visitor programs and more. But since the integration of mobile technology and GPS related games. Location based gaming like Pokemon Go is moving in a whole new direction and it has both opportunities and issues for tourism promoters and developers. This class will introduce the concepts of gaming and gamification, the experience economy, game design and mechanics, and design thinking. Students will be asked to come up with an experience and create a prototype using the latest tools like augmented and virtual reality.


ゲーム理論、ゲーム化、ゲームを基本にしたツーリズムのコンセプトへの理解を深める。ビジネスと旅行業界で過去に利用されたゲームの導入方法、影響、問題も理解する。拡張現実(augmented reality)を利用して独自のゲーム化した旅行体験の制作も行う。ゲームを基盤にしたツーリズム(game based tourism)を地方への観光誘致にどのように結び付け、企画し実行するのかを体験する。

Course Objectives

Learn Game Design Concepts

Learn about what makes a game fun and engaging, and what elements go into designing a game or simulation.

Understand Gamification

From airline miles to black credit cards, the tourism industry has been implementing game concepts for a long time.

Prototype a Game

Prototype a game for tourism contexts and by making a mock version of a game to test your ideas.

Game Based Tourism

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