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Our Whiteboard

Find our classroom whiteboard below, We will use it to collaborate ideas during class.

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Breakout Room

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Breakout Room


How to use this classroom

Use this like any other website, we call it a classroom becuase this is where we will hold class but really its just a website.  It works best if you are using a PC but your smartphone works fine too.

Just click on the play button to start watching the live stream, its only availible when the teacher is broadcasting.

This is where the teacher may let you write on a class whiteboard.  Simply touch it or click on it with your mouse to write on it.

These are discussion rooms that are availible to students

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Together Learning

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to lean in on this idea that we are all teachers and learners and doing both is important for our future. So we believe that the best teachers are great students and the best learners can teach others with ease. We aim to create an environment where we learn together.

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