B.I.G. Project

Coming Soon

We are getting ready for a very interesting journey at KUFS as we start the school year during a health crisis and the COVID-19 or the Corona virus pandemic. We hope to make our problem and make the most of it by taking the extra time before we start classes to think about what we want to accomplish as university students.
As John Adams once said “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” We need to onboard our students to the realities of online learning, and we can use the time before classes begin to do just that, while also using the time to prime our students to accomplish the most out of their time at KUFS by asking them to think about their wishes, goals, and dreams for college life in an online course.

The B.I.G. Project stands for the Before I Graduate Project. The goal of this project is to create a deeper sense of community with classmates by sharing our hopes, goals, and dreams for college life.
This project started out as a research project into immersive learning environments using augmented reality and create an ‘augmented collective art space’. You can read about the project online from http://erichawkinson.com
This iteration will be completely online, looking to be a 4-6 week self-paced course available to all students at KUFS. Students will get a certificate of completion and an entry into the BIG project database.
Find out more about the project at http://togetherlearning.com